What goes around, comes around: The LOGO

The school leader in CEIP Tomas Ybarra gave us a great surpise. They had got made a big Erasmus+ Learn Create and Communicate logo for each school to bring home for display. The school in Germany was in charge of our "Thank You"-photos, and they had made  beautifully framed pictures, that we also can hang on the wall of memories at our schools.

These beautiful items will remind us of the great 3-year Erasmus+ project, where we have been challenging the creativity of the pupils and teachers, broadened our minds within culture and the use of ICT, developed our language skills and made great friendships across borders. 

This webpage will be updated with the last project news that still are to come, and the contents will be available at least until the end of 2019. The project Twinspace in e-twinning, with links to all the materials,  is available for number of years to come.

As a coordinator of the project I want to say: THANK YOU. It was great working with you all, both teachers and pupils! I hope that we all continue broaden our horizons in the future! 


June 26th 2018

The last school week of the year has been filled with Erasmus+ activities at Nordre Skole in Viborg. The teachers who took part in the TPM in Seville, presented the outcomes to the staff. The pupils who had taken part in the LA in Italy, presented their experiences - and the film of the LA will be shown on the coming Friday to all at school. 

A big group of students have been in the centre of town las week doing a FLASHMOB. They danced our choreography to the "Under the same sun".



On Wednesday 23rd May, we suddenly had to interrupt our meeting. We were invited to the balcony. A big group of the students of the school were gathered in the yard. Suddenly, we heard some music and all the students started dancing. More and more students joined in, including some of the teachers, and they danced and danced and danced... It was a great surprice!


Flamenco in an inseparable part of the Spanish - and especially Andalucian - culture. We could follow a class and see, how the pupils were training flamenco clapping. We also saw a play where the flamenco played a very important part, and a photo exhibition of Flamenco artists.

Actually, we were also invited to a Flamenco Master Class, where we could learn some of the basics moves in Flamenco. Not a very easy task for us from the North! But a lot of fun!


All evenings - or "afternoons", as one of the guides said at 8 pm, were packed with cultural program were we go to learn about the history of Seville. We biked around Maria Luisa´s Park, had a guided tour around the old part of the city hearing about the Legends of Seville and learnt about the history in and around the Alcazár - King´s Palace of Seville -  with singing and dancing guides. 

In the meetings, we presented each other products of our work, for example the booklet of "English Ideas" and about the Learning Activity in Italy in April 2018. The biggest work was to evaluate the project, where we worked jointly on a Google document.

CEIP-Tomas Ybarra arranges every year a Week of Peace, where the students learn the importance of respecting and valuing each other. The importance of Peace was also visible in many places at the school.

Monday May 21st 2018

CEIP Tomas Ybarra and Mayor of Tomares

On Monday morning coordinators and teachers from all partner schools gathered together for the last Transnational Project Meeting in CEIP Tomas Ybarra in Tomares, just outside Seville. Soon the staff room summed of all partner languages and everybody tried their best in Spanish : "Hola! Buenos dias!".

The Headteacher, Lola Urbano, welcomed us all and soon we were picked up by a group of students who guided us around the school.The students were very confident in speaking English, and they were very good at helping each other. The visitors saw, how the students have been working with the different countries. All walls were plastered with flags, information and stories from the partner countries.

In the afternoon, we were guided around in the Town Hall and met the Mayor of Tomares, José Luis Sanz. He gave a press conference and talked very nicely about the importance of valuing the teachers and their work. All the visitors, as well as the staff from CEIP Tomas Ybarra, were invited to afternoon tapas.



On Sunday the May 20th, we were finally all gathered in Seville. The staff at CEIP Tomas Ybarra had arranged a whole-day trip to the coast. On the way we stopped at the beautiful town of Vejer de la Frontera, that is know from the Moorish-style all- white houses and the veils that the women wore in the old days. 


Teachers and students in CEIP Tomas Ybarra are working on activities to welcome teachers from partner countries to join the last Transnational Project Meeting in Tomares - Seville in May 19-25, 2018. 


How can you communicate with the past?
Maybe by 
visiting an ancient castle, exploring the kitchens, tasting the flavors and eating the same dishes!?


The Learning Activity in Italy is now on its 3rd day of common programme. The pupils continue investigationg the field of communication.

The official welcome was arranged on Monday morning. The pupils from different countries presented their school and town/city. Everybody sang our project song "Learn, Create and Communicate" and there was even time for a trip to Milan.

Tuesday included,for example, workshops in using your body (gestures) in communication and the pupils experimented with non-verbal communication. You can get an idea of this activity by clicking the link to the videos. 


On Saturday April 14th, the host families to all visiting children welcomed their guests at the airport. The children followed their host family and spent the first afternoon and evening getting to know one another. The teachers found their lodging and met in the evening over a joint meal and went through the plan for Sunday.

On Sunday the whole group made a trip to Lago Maggiore, a huge lake in Varese region. The local sailing school taught the children how to steer a sailing boat and how to communicate in water.  The children also learnt to tie knots, which is very important thing when sailing.

The day was absolutely great, though teh Italian sun was hidden behind big clouds.


In the picture you can see the students who will be hosting the many children and young people joining the Learning Activity in Casorate Sempione. The LA will begin on Saturday April 14th when the visiting children will meet their host families for the first time. 

The theme of the week is Communication. The students will communicate in various ways:

  • Communication at the sea - a nautical workshop
  • Communication through body - a drama workshop
  • Communication with the past - cultural visit
  • Communication with friends - classroom activities
  • Communication with machines - robots and coding

- and of course the pupils will communicate with their host families and friends from all LCC-schools. Some of the students are already communicating with each other via e-mail and social media platforms.

Looking forward to an interesting, challenging and fun week in and wround Casorate Sempione!


Shrove Tuesday was this year celebrated on Friday just before our Winter Holiday in week 7. The pupils came to school wearing all kinds of fantasy costumes. They walked on a parade in  their great outfits, tried to hit the cat  (=candy) out of the barrel, ate Shrove Tuesday buns and had a day with lots of fun. This year all the teachers and pedagogs i grades 0-3 were also wearing costumes. Have a look! Can you guess who/what they represent?

February 2018


Pupils in all partner school have been working with Valentine´s Day or Friendship Day. Postcards have been produced, sent and received. Some have shared work through e-twinning and some have produced small video clips to share. It has been a great way to celebrate friendship across borders.

Save the Children Day in CEIP Tomas de Ybarra

Spain 30th January 2018

The whole school raised money for Africa.

Schools all around Spain celebrate Peace and non Violence school day this day.
This event started in Majorca, by the pacifist and poet Llorenç Vidal, in the anniversary of Ghandi's death.

January 9th 2018 Akureyri


The  pupils in 4th grade in Brekkuskóli had made fabulous fish necklaces under instruction of Brynhildur Kristindóttir. They used 4mm MDF plates but you can use paper as well. More pictures to be found under "Photos"

Brynhildur worked  3 dimensionally also with the 6th grade. The theme was " Sitting at the table". They used MDF 4mm (but you can use paper as well) Then the plate/drawing was cut at the back and bent. Really cute results!

The third graders in Brekkuskóli have jumped into the world of Minecraft. Minecraft figures were produced in all colours and sized and the kids LOVED it! More mindcraft figures to be found under "Photos".

Casorate Sempione, December 21st 2017


The first meeting with the parents for the coming host families was held in Casorate Sempione in Italy. The LA will take place in the end of April 2018, but there are lots of things to organize and coordinate before that. The host families got some information of the children that they will be hosting. The programme for the LA was presented in brief and lots of questions were asked and answered. Our goal is that all the families will get in touch with each other during the coming months.


Casorate Sempione, Italy


Tomas Ybarra, Spain 


The pupils in our partner school in Tomares invited their parents to see their beautiful project work under the headline "Through My Window". 


Blücherschule Wiesbaden



Some days before Christmas, the children in Tomas Ybarra in Spain had a great and artistic day with  Silvia Àlvarez, the children's books illustrator. The children learnt to draw Lucía, the firefly.



Viborg November 30th 2017 

GAME DESIGN WITH 4th, 5th and 6th

At Nordre Skole in Denmark we had a theme week where we tried to teach some of the school subject in a bit different way than during normal school days. On Thursday we had invited 4 instructors to come and teach our children Game Design - how to develop an idea.

The day started with an introduction and a game called Ninja, where the students already tested the idea of game design by adding/taking away rules of the game. After that the students worked in small groups where they designed a prototype of their game, got it tested, changed the things pointed out by the test group, got it tested again and so on - until they were satisfied with the game. The day was challenging - and a lot of fun!

November 4-8, 2017


After a long break without meeting, we gathered together again to share results, evaluate and plan forward and meet the students. This time the visitors also acted as guest teachers in different classes. The Danish pupils learnt for example about the longest name in Wales, the origins of pizza and about the 13 Yule Lads in Iceland. The guest teachers also challenged the Danish students with math and their languages of origin.  

The visiting teachers had a guided tour around the old part of Viborg and Viborg Cathedral. 

November 7th 2017


On Tuesday we had invited Cheryl Strike to teach ideas and activities for English classes. Cheryl is a former teacher in the English House in Hirtshals in Northern Jutland. She has also written several books for teaching English.

Besides some of the teachers from Nordre Skole and 10 teachers from our partner schools, we had invited 7 teachers from other schools in Viborg to come and join us.

The day was full of laughter, learning and joy! Cheryl was great in getting all of us moving and had prepared lots of ideas on paper that everybody could take along home. You can find a link to a video of the day under the menu "Inspiration".

October 31st 2017 Viborg, Denmark


The pupils in grades 4-6 were invited to celebrate 500 years since the Reformation in and around Viborg cathedral. There were many different activities like morning song in the Cathedral, workshop in the spirit of Martin Luther making good wishes for the world and a "bonfire" were the pupils could burn away  all the bad things in the world. The pancake-workshop was also quite tasty!


Pupils in all our partner schools have been working with the joint Birthday Calendar - and now the calendar is ready! Schools have organized competitions for the best front page, which was then voted by the pupils taking part in the Learning Activity in Wiesbaden in April 2017. They have drawn pictures to describe traditions in their country in some specific months. These months were decided during the Project Meeting in Italy in spring 2016. Unfortunately, not all the pictures could fit into a calendar, but this is our common piece of work that hopefully will decorate many classrooms around Europe for years to come. Thank you for all who took part in this activity!



Just before the Autumn Leave in October, all pupils at Nordre Skole worked a whole week with different activities that all had the same goal: to move your body and brain and to increase your mental and physical well-being.

In classes 4-6 we had activities like "Self esteem and mindset" where we tried to find out what we really are good at and what we think that others value on us,  "Mindset Posters" to campaign for more positive view to learning, "Stomp" with Jesper Falch, "Frisbee Fun"-dances and games, "Bake off" to make buns and jam, "Lego Design/redesign" and  "Orientation-games" where pupils gave instructions to each other via Smartphone.

On Friday we all had a joint breakfast at the Assembly Hall and after that everybody went to the swimming hall. What a great week it was!

You can find a video of the week under the menu "Pictures". 


September- October 2017

Tina Klemmensen is an animator, who has been studying and working in England and now has her own company in Denmark. She worked as a guest teacher at Nordre Skoles 4b for 2 days. Together with the pupils she analyzed some Shawn the Sheep animation films and helped to form characters in soft clay. As we wanted to produce films for our Erasmus+ activity "Good Deeds", we decided that all the films should include a good deed, something good you to to another person.

In the end the films were presented in a small scale red carpet-event. The pupils were proud of their products. You can find links to all films under the "Activities". Enjoy!


Viborg, Denmark September 2017

FrederikkeTornager is studying to become an Illustrator in The Animation School in Viborg. She taught our 5a about comics; how to build up a story, how to design characters and what kind of effects you can use to underline the plot in your story.

As we had been working with United Nation´s Global Goals in History, we decided to build up our comics in one or more of the goals. For example,  what can be done to avoid plastic waste in the oceans, or how could we avoid food waste in our daily lives.

The pupils worked in groups of 3-4 and produced really nice comics that we are using at school to campaign for Global Goals.


September 2017

Nordre Skoles 6th graders arranged a traditional Playing Day for pupils in classes 1-3. Despite the rainy weather, the smaller pupils loved all the activities introduced by the older pupils. A great peer-learning-day!

CEIP Tomas Ybarra in Spain is ready to welcome the pupils for a new school year


August 30th 2017

The pupils in 4th - 6th grades at Nordre Skole in Denmark have had a true Sports Day! After biking 11,5 kilometres, they enjoyed all kinds of activities for 3 hours in the surroundings of Hald Manor House. The day was packed with activities like a Treasure Hunt in the woods, Ball Games in the lawn, Viking game, Ladder Golf and Art. 



In June the pupils at IC Toscaninin in Italy have been learning about Wales through the old tales of King Arthur. The process has resulted a play with wonderfull characters and colourfull costumes.


June 2017

The pupils in IC Toscanini in Italy have got a course "Use and Reuse" in producing paper from waste paper. Look at the process and the beautiful drawings - an excellent idea to try at your school, too!


June 2017

The pupils in 4th grade in Denmark worked with Child Labour and the UN Declaration for the Rights of the Child in their history lessons. Inspired by our Icelandic partner school, we decided to make a Rights-tree where all children chose 3 most important rights.

We also wanted to redecorate one of the walls at Nordre Skole. We wrote "Erasmus+" with big, colourfull letters, drew a huge globe  and the pupils drew people from all around the world.

The signs says: "We are all different, but fit together".


May-June 2017

In CEIP Tomas Ybarra in Spain the teachers are getting ready for a dissemination session in the teaching training college about our Erasmus+  project "Learn Create and Communicate". They have made the first version of our joint LCC-quilt, that will be completed in May 2018. Hopefully the audience will be thrilled about our work!

Elisa from Nordre Skole in Denmark gave a speech about the project to a group of English teachers in the schools of Viborg municipality. 

The pupils in our German partner school gathered outside the Parliament  to make a sign for Europe. They danced the Blücherschule-version of  "Under the Same Sun", spreading a lot of joy in the streets of Wiesbaden.



ICToscanini in Italy and Nordre Skole in Denmark have finally managed to get the T-shirts displayed. The pupils in Italy have attached flags to point out the countries where the tees are from. In Denmark, the school has invested in dummies to display the T-shirts.


Italy, May 2017 : Pupils in IC Toscanini in Casorate Sempione have harvested strawberries. The strawberries were cleaned and blended together with youghurt resulting delicious and healthy strawberry smoothies. 


The children worked in different Art - workshops, guided by professioal Art teachers and artists. Some groups worked in the Art Museum of Wiesbaden. They learnt about shadows, colours, shapes and light. Other groups worked at Blücherschule.

Meanwhile at school....

A colouring book in the making.


Titus Grab was the artistic insipirator on Monday. Titus presented his materials and possibilities and the children created art from clay, paper and colours. The children LOVED working with Tutis, who is a very colourful and insipiring person.

You can read more about Titus Grab under "Inspiration".


All the visitors arrived to Wiesbaden during Saturday and the children had slept their first night in the host family. On Sunday morning the program started. The visiting children and teachers, the children hosting someone and teachers from Blücherschule headed towards Mainz. Mainz is a large city very near to Wiesbaden. The group made a visit to Guttenberg Museum and made an Art-walk through Maiz with different activities along the way.





All pupils at Blücherschule in Wiesbaden in Germany are busy as bees. They are drawing flags, welcome signs, arranging classroome and cleaning the hallways. Teachers are arranging host families for the 24 visiting children. There also has to be programme for the in all 34 visitors that will be staying i Wiesbaden from Saturday to Friday. 


The pupils at Blücherschule visited Art museum and learnt about earth and it´s inhabitants.


Going to school is important as you learn a lot of different things. But it´s difficult to learn if you are not happy about going to school. The last week in March  all pupils at Nordre Skole in Denmark worked with a theme that in Danish is called "Trivsel". It´s is about the social development and well-being of the students. 

Some classes worked with Social Media- how to behave online and what to do if you don´t feel safe - whilst other classes worked with "We are all different but we fit together"-puzzle. We also arranged collaboratice activities like building a Clack- tower in teams and building a Lego figure together, getting instructions via mobile phone from the other part of the group that was sitting in another room.

Traditionally, the 4th graders worked with theater and performed "The Jungle Book" for all pupils and parents at school party on Thursday night.


Wednesday morning the whole Erasmus+ group worked intensively to get ready for the Multiplier Event. The event was arranged by Brekkuskóli to launch our joint book "60 Inspiring teaching ideas". Each school organized a workshop, where the visitors could try some of the ideas. Some of the pupils in Brekkuskóli helped by being our "quinea pigs".

At 2 pm the heacteacher of Brekkuskóli, Johanna Agnarsdóttir, welcomed all the visitors, and the Head of Education Department of Akureyri gave a speech about the importance of international contacts within education. She also invited Brekkuskóli´s Eurobuddies on the stage. Each partner presented ther school with films and power points followed by teachers Helga and Margret, who told about our joint book.

During the afternoon, people working withing education in and around Akureyri visited the workshops and tried out the different activities. In the end of the day, we all joined the Icelandic version of our project dance.


On Tuesday morning the visitors were invited to join Brekkuskóli´s annual Winter Sports Day. We headed toward the mountain on a bus. It was amazing to see, how well organised the pupils were: each had their own pair of skis or a snow board and the teachers guided them into the right bus.

The visitors had a variety of skiing experience; some took the steepest downhill sloap, some were new beginners trying learn to keep the balance doing cross country skiing. 


On Monday we were quided around the school by the students in Brekkuskíli. They were very proud of their school, and it is easy to understand why. The school was very spacious and there were many artworks displayed all over. There was an outdoor swimming bath and huge sports hall just next to the school - and the school had canteen serving healthy and delicious meals every day, just to mention some of the things that impressed the visitors.

During the planning and evaluation meeting, we had an opportunity to say hello to Hafnis. She is the designer of our Project Logo. She told us about the thoughts and ideas behind the design. Later we also heard a couple of songs played by the talented boys in the Brekkuskíli School Band.


After some hurdles on our trip to Akureyri, we were finally all gathered together in Akureyri in the morning of April 26th. After a quick visit at Brekkuskóli, we started a whole-day bus trip organised by the host school. The aim was to learn to know the wonderfull nature of Northern Iceland. During the day we saw  the magnificent water fall of Vodafoss, the amazing boiling mud pots, the Dimmuborgir Rock formations, and ended up floating in the geothermal bath at Lake Myvátn with outside temperature of only 7 degrees Celcius.

On our arrival to school on Monday morning, we received beautiful Puffin-puzzle in a Puffin-box as a gift, both made by the students in Brekkuskóli.


Brekkuskóli in Akureyri is getting ready to welcome teachers from all partner schools for a Transnational Project Meeting in the end of March 2017. Besides the meeting, the visitors will act as guest teachers.

On Wednesday March 29th there will be a Multiplier Event in Brekkuskóli. Many teachers from Northern Iceland are invited to take part in this event. We will launch our Intellectual Output "Sixty Inspiring Ideas to Teach Skills", which is a book full of ideas for teachers in and beyond our project. This book will also be published as an E-book.


4th graders in Denmark are working with this year´s theater play. The play is called "Jungle Book" based on the film by Disney. The pupils are making costumes, training their lines and making scenes. The play will be shown for parents and pupils during the School Party on April 6th. 


3rd grade in Spain goes museum

February 2017

The children in our partner school in Spain made a trip to Santa Maria de las Cuevas. The children learnt about the place that started as an abbey and later became the headquarters, then a tile-and cheramic factory and now functions as a museum.

All were impressed by the huge, old ovens and the tall chimneys.

The pupils learnt about the life and work of Luis Cordillo and then had some hands-on activities where they combined water colours and collage.

On the left you can see the whole group under the gigantic, evergreen Ombú-tree, "The Three of the Lovely Shade".


We All Have Rights

February 2017

In Brekkuskóli in Iceland the pupils have been working with the Human Rights and the Conventions on the Rights of the Child.

"Rights" mean things that every child should be able to do. These rights are listed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and almost every country has agreed to these rights.

Not all countries are good in following these rights. Still today there are children who don´t go to school, who have to work from an early age and who perhaps don´t have parents who can take care of the them. This is particularly in the countries that are poor or where there is a war going on.

The pupils in Brekkuskóli made displays and decorations of these valuable rights. For example article 15 "You have a right to choose friends and set up groups, as long as it is not harmful to others" and article 16 "You have a right to privacy" are perhaps good reminders to us adults.

Rainworms rock!

February 2017

The first graders in Blücherschule in Germany made a visit to the museum of Natural History. They learnt about animals living underneath the earth´s surface.

The children watched presentations and heard about the life "down under". A guide told about the life of a rainworm with the help of a puppet. In the end the children tried to build mini-worlds.

The children all agreed that the life of a rainworm is far more interesting than they first assumed. Rainworms are great producers and cleaners of soil - soil, that we need to produce food for us and for the domestic animals.

Denmark go Animation

January 2017

The 4th and 5th grades in Nordre Skole have been working with production of Animation films. 

In the 4th grade the pupils made figures of Silk Clay. Then they wrote a story, draw the scenes and made a storyboard for the film.  We had a whole-day film session with a guest teacher from the local Animation School.

In 5th grade the pupils made an animation film about a subject they wanted to teach for other people. There came out films like "Why did the dinosaurs disappear" and "How does the plant grow?" You can find links to all films under "Videos".

"Tees" hanging in Spain and in Germany


December 2016

Children in Blúcherschule in Wiesbaden have a very nice Christmas tradition.

Every year they bake Christmas cookies from all aroud the world. Often the parents or grandparents come into class to help the children.

This year the Christmas cookie recipies came from Sweden, France, Paraguay and Greece. 

Each child plays an important role in the cookie produktion.

Children love this tradition - and I bet it tastes good, too!

Christmas greetings from Italy.

Christmas ornaments in Spain.

Exchanging Christmas "Tees"

A T-shirt from Germany. Danke!

The T-shirt´s letters are placed fidderently than usual. The idea of the T-shirt is that like the pupils in Blücherschule, the letters are "different, but equal".

A T-shirt from Iceland. Tak!

The T-shirt shows the Black Yule Cat that appears in old Icelandic folk tales.

The winner of the Welsh T-shirt competiton. Beautiful!

A T-shirt from Spain. Gracias! The design of the Erasmus+ logo was chosen through a logo competition.

T-shirt from Denmark. Tak!

T-shirt from IC-Toscanini in Italy. Grazie!

Visit at the Moesgaard Museum

The 5th grades at Nordre Skole in Denmark visited Moesgaard Museum near Aarhus in november 2016. We had a guided tour under the headline "Food for millions of years". The guide told us how food has had a great impact in the way the humans have developed.

We met many interesting people from the past, for example the first ever human, Lucy, and the oldest man that was ever found in Denmark, "The Grauballe Man". 

We also learnt how food is used in many rituals, like in the small offerings at the shrines at homes in Mexico, when people honour their dead relatives during "Dia des mortes". 

You can find a video of our trip under "Activities".

Language Day in Denmark

In the end of November 2016  the 4th and 5th grades worked in mixed groups and mingled between 3 workshops.

The goal was to MOVE in order to learn English, get the pupils to TALK  more English and TRAIN their grammar/written skills through various activities. We began the day with joint warm up the the assembly hall.The day went very fast and some of the pupils were very surprised when the day was over- "already?!"

You can watch a video of the day here on the site under "Activities" - teaching ideas.

TPM in Llandudno, Wales

November 1st - 4th, 2016

Sixteen teachers and headteachers from all partner schools gathered in Ysgol Morfa Rhianned to evaluate and plan forward our project Learn Create and Communicate. 

All headteachers had prepared a presentation about their school telling about  ethos, teaching methods, challenges and visions and sharing best practice.

The Mayoress of Llandudno, Carol Marubbi, visited our meeting briefly. She told about her job and welcomed us to Llandudno. 

The teachers and pupils in Morfa Rhianned had made Erasmus+ displays in several places at school. You could see many different displays about things that the pupils had worked with and the walls of the school also visualized learning and work in progress.

Headmasters presented their schools

The headteacher Paul Thomas gave all partner schools pieces showing the Celtic Knot to be added in the Culture Quilt. We also received a brochure telling about the never-ending Celtic Knot . 

We visited classes and the pupils had prepared gifts and cakes for us to taste and to bring along to our home schools.

In classes the pupils were quite courageous in asking questions from the visitors. Here Matthias from Germany is sharing information with a Welsh pupil. 

On Thursday night the school had invited some pupils and their parents to join us at Morfa Rhianned. We were introduced to traditional Welsh folk dances.

The teachers in of Morfa Rhianned performed for us and we were all quite impressed by their singing talents!

The pupils also performed for us by singing and, like in this picture -  by playing harp. It was wonderfull to listen to this-  to many of us quite unkown-  instrument!

Outdoor Learning

Jim from Nature´s Work held us an outdoor course in science/history and literacy.

All the teachers and headteachers took advantage of the opportunity to get inspired and learn, so they participated eagerly in all activities. Here Luca from Italy is sorting leaves by colour.

Another activity was to retell and illustrate the history of Betws-y-coed in 6 chapters. Here Paul from Wales and Elisa from Germany dig into early 1800´s.

We also learnt to produce coal and make pencils. In the end, we wrote Haiku-poems with words that described what we saw and how we felt.

In the afternoon Alwyn helped us to explore different sights in Snowdonia and told us about the exciting history of the area.

We visited St Mary´s Church and learnt that it was built on the site where there has been an old Roman fort Canovium, which guarded the river crossing until the 4th century. 

We also stopped by the massive Conwy Castle which was built in 1200th century by King Edward the 1st.

Morning Assembly in Morfa Rhianned

November 4th 2016

On Friday morning the whole school was gathered in the Assembly Hall. All pupils sang songs for the visitors.

The pupils danced the school´s choreography to our common music "Under the Same Sun". The Welsh Eurobuddies stood in the front so the younger pupils could follow the moves. In the end, on all of us joined the dance which was a lot of fun!

Each Friday the pupils in Morfa Rhianned receive certificates for good work.

This Friday the ceremony was extra exciting as it was the guests who handed over the certificates!

The youngest children of IC-Toscanini in Italy have been very productive during the recent weeks as the children have been preparing gifts in kindergardens in Arsago and Casorate.

Perhaps the headteacher and staff coming to Wales have to bring along some extra bags? We all look forward to seeing these cute products!

Countdown to Transnational Project Meeting in Wales

Ysgol Morfa Rhianedd in Llandudno will be hosting a Transnationald Project Meeting and a Headteacher´s Meeting on the 1st-6th November 2016. The teachers and pupils are working to welcome teachers and  headteachers from all partner countries.

Wales Learning about Erasmus+ Partners

Pupils in all classes  have learn about all patrner countries, about the geography and the flag and even a few words in  the language of the country.

The pupils have learnt about the partner countries also through practical activities. Above the Year 2 has baked Danish pastries called "Kanelsnegle". Underneath you can see flags made by Year 4 who chose to learn about Italy.

Classes 4-6 at Aalborg Zoo

May 11th 2016

The pupils in special-needs middle section at Nordre Skole in Denmark, were on a trip to Aalborg Zoo. They took part in a workshop, where they produced "challenging food" for the animals. This means food where the animals are active while eating. 

First the instructor told the pupils about wild animals and how we all can affect and protect the nature with our behaviour and choices in life. After that the pupils helped to tighten pieces of fruit and vegetables in the end of a cord. The cords were hung up for the coatis to eat. In the end, the pupils were also allowed to feed the the tamarin-monkeys with mealworms. 

At school the pupils made a display about their experiences.

Randers Rainforest

In May 2016 a group of pupils from Special Needs section at Nordre Skole in Denmark visited Randers Regnskov (Rainforest). They learnt about the flora and fauna in rainforests and how we can protect the rainforests. A day with full of learning and joy!

Visiting TV2 in Odense In Denmark

Jobs within TV need a lot of creative thinking when working with pictures and writing. This was what the 7th grade at Nordre Skole wanted to learn more about when they visited TV2 in Odense på Funen. The pupils learnt about all the processes incuded in the TV production.

Learning about EU in Iceland

The 7th graders in Brekkuskóli in Akureyri are learning about Europe. Besides learning facts of the European countries, the pupils are in a creative process of drawing flags and maps,

Pupil to Pupil

Kolka and Margret have made a power point about their experiences during Learning Activity at Nordre School in Denmark in April 2016.

The girls told about the program during LA and  showed the diploma they received in the end of the Learning Activity. They also showed other items they brought along from Denmark. and danced the project dance together with the class.

We celebrated the International SLI Day (Specific Language Impairment), TEL in Spanish (Trastorno Específico del Lenguaje).

International Day of Languages and SLI-Day at Tomas Ybarra in Spain

A few of our students  have speech disabilities, and it is important for the whole school to learn about it.

 Watch also the video of our International Day of Languages that we celebrated on September 26th. It was  a lot of fun!

September 2017

Icelandic Outdoor Activities

The pupils in Brekkuskóli in Akureyri have taken part in two very different types of outdoor activities. The first one was a traditional outing on September 1st,  with lots of different outdoor activities in the great autumn weather.

The other one was an artistic performance "The dresses" for the opening of an exhibition by the local artist Thora Karlsdottír. The pupils wore dresses and danced on the streets of Akureyri. Smiling and laughing children wearing colourfull dresses whilst dancing through Akureyri, brought lots of laughter and joy to the city.

Blücherschule at "Fasanerei"

In September 2016 the 2nd graders at Blücherschule in Wiesbaden visited an animal park called "Fasanerei". They learnt about the animals, played games, dug some gold and had cosy time by the bonfire. All in all a day full of inspiring outdoor-learning!



Guest performers at Nordre School

September 2016

The Culture Crew, which is part of the Nordre Skoles Students´Council, has organized concerts for the pupils. The aim os to offer a range of musical experiences for the children and broaden their musical horizon.


Last week we have listened to marimba and violin with the duo "Wenzell and Bugge" from Denmark that combines Danish folk music with the world music.

Today we had a visit by "Prinsens Musikkorps" that took us into the world of different music styles and instruments with their Big Band.

September 19th 2016

Welcome to the 2nd LCC - year!

Now in the middle of September 2016, all LCC-partner schools have started the new school year. It is also the beginning of the 2nd year of our 3-year-Erasmus+ project. Exciting! This year our focus is on the creativity. This does not only mean developing the artistic skills, but also the skills of finding creative solutions and learning skills in various, creative ways.

This year we will fx. invite gueast teachers to schools, visit and interview people working in creative companies, compile a booklet with inspiring ideas for teaching, design a T-shirt for our school and make a joint birthday calender. There is a project meeting with the teachers and headteachers in Wales in November-16, a project meeting and multiplier event in Iceland in March-17 and a learning activity for pupils in Germany in April-17.

Like the Snappy Crocodile in Tinga-Tinga-tales, we will work together and SNAP new ideas inspired by our partner schools and the people connected to our project. Please follow our footsteps through this website. 

End of School Year Celebrations in Spain

Tomares-Seville June 2017

The pupils in CEIP Tomas Ybarra celebrated the end of the school year 2015-16 by including many of our Learn Create and Communicate-activities. Each class chose representatives for all partner countries. Here you can see the girls in Carolina´s class wearing T-shirts with the flags of LCC-countries. Please watch the videos:

Paint like Jawlenski

In July 2017, the pupils in Blücherschule visited the Wiesbaden Art Museum and painted pictures inspired by the artist Jawlenski. 

Children painted strong and colourfull pictures inspired by the Russian-born painter who lived and worked in Wiesbaden for many years.

We tried out our shooting skills with bow and arrow.

The pupils produced some hooks in the blacksmith´s workshop.

Vikings for a Day

June 3rd, 2017

In connection with our studies about Viking Age in Denmark, the 4th graders made a trip to a Viking village "Kjællinghøl" about 15 km from Viborg. 

We cooked a soup with herbs from nature, onions and some chicken. We also made butter and cheese and grounded flour for bread.

The pupils made kitchen tools like whisks, spoons and butter knives, out of wood and branches that they found in the surroundings.

The pupils were eager to find insects in the water.

Investigating water-life

May 2016 Viborg, Denmark

The 4th graders biked to Sønæs, a water reservoire about 4 km from our school.The Nature Guides Dan and Michael, taught the pupils about the insects in the water and how to regognize clean water from the dirty water. The local TV followed us the whole 4-hour session. It was a day with lots of curiosity, games and wet toes!

The bugs were throroughly analyzed. See more under "Links" where you can find the spot in TV-news about this field-trip.


May 2016

In  CEIP Tomás de Ybarra  we have been working with  "Proyecto Patio" - "patio"  meaning as playground and chill out area. Students make teams to organize different leisure activities: ball games, football, board games, skipping rope, pelota, etc.

We have recently introduced painting, where children come to paint on canvas or cardboard. In 20 minutes they can paint anything they want.

We´re going to the ZooZooZoo

Nordre Skole, Denmark

The pupils have worked with Form Clay in the school´s spare time club SFO. They have formed animals for a whole Zoo! Find more Form Clay-animals in the "Photos"-section!

Learning about Carpentry

May 16th, 2016

Nordre Skole´s 4th graders were invited to the local Vocational School, Mercantec / Byggetec, to learn about carpentry. We were showed around the college and Jan instructed us in making a birdhouse. 16 pupils sawed and hammered with full of enthusiasm and in the end they could proudly present the results.


ALL meet LCC

About 80 pedagogs and teachers from Viborg municipality were gathered together around the Animated Learning Labs- course on May 10th. Elisa from Nordre Skole had the opportunity to tell about our Erasmus+ project, the Learning Activity in Denmark and especially, how we have been working with film within the project. The audience was very fascinated about the films that were shown. You can find the links to the films in this webpage.

Olympic Games in Brekkuskoli

May 2016

Since the Comenius project "Sports Beyond Borders" in 2010-12, Brekkuskóli has kept up with the tradition of annual Olympics for all pupils at school. This year, the whole school danced our Erasmus+ project song "Learn, Create and Communicate" and danced to the tunes of "Under the Same Sun". Watch the videos and enjoy!


Politician Claus Clausen dropped by to see our activities. Here in front with our headteacher Brian Roed and pupils from Italy, Wales, Iceland and  Denmark.

A Week of Collaboration

During the five days in Viborg, the visiting pupils and teachers were challenged in many different ways to collaborate. Collaboration was the crucial point within the activities,  but also between teachers when  planning the activities at Nordre skole, between institutions when planning  and realizing the program with the guest teachers and between school and the families when coordinating and hosting the visiting children.

Thank you to all who took part in the Learning Activity!

Farewell-dinner with the host families. Thank you for all the host families, visiting pupils and the visiting teachers!

Morning workout with Rune.

Balancing on milk-boxes.

Playing cards Wales-Denmark.

Fingerprints-tree on creation.

Many ways of skipping the rope.

Film with Martin. Look out for the results under "Activities".

Knowing me-knowing you

April 19th 2016

The pedagogics-students from the local VIA college in Viborg arranged a workshop with a mixed group of visiting children and pupils of Nordre Skole. The pupils sat by a long table and draw the face of the person opposite to them.


After some time, the pupils had to move one place to left - but were to leave the drawing on the table. The next person was to continue to draw.

In the end, the faces were cut out and glued on a background, where all children had placed their colourfull handprints. A lovely way to warm up and get to know one another - and a great reminder of the LA in Denmark!

Learning Activity in Denmark

April 16-22, 2016 Finally came the day when Nordre Skole in Denmark could welcome 23 pupils and 10 teachers to Viborg. The host families picked up the children on Saturday evening and on Sunday we all gathered to Nature School in Hald to do Nature Art and Woodwork with instructors Ane and Jan. The weather was cold and windy but we had a great day!

Getting ready for the LA

April 2016

Pupils and teachers in all partner schools are practicing their choreography for the song "Under the Same Sun" that each country will present during the Learning Activity. In Iceland the training takes place in sun and snow. In Italy they also practice our project song "Learn Create and Communicate".


Countdown to LA in Denmark

Nordre Skole in Denmark has been preparing for the 1st LearninG Activity for the pupils in 16-22 April 2016. Here are some photos of the meeting with the host families.


... to all  people connected to ICToscanini schools for all the arrangements during the Transnational Project Meeting. We continue "Sailing to Europe" together!

See you in Denmark in April!

Meanwhile in Denmark...

... we are getting ready for the Learning Activity for 23 pupils and 10 teachers from all our partner countries! We are very excited!

During the meetings, we evaluated the activities so far, set the dates for the meetings in the coming year and made plans for the future activities.

The notes of the meeting can be found in our e-twinning site and in wikispaces.

Angelika and Nadia from Germany presented the Erasmus+ LCC Quilt. We received new pieces for the quilt from Italy.  We agreed that all schools add the Learn Create Communicate - logo in the quilt. Iceland will print the logo on fabric and each school receives a piece at the TPM in Iceland in March 2017.

We also talked about our project´s Intellectual Output "Sixty Inspiring ideas to Teach Skills". The Danish school showed an example "Calm Down-Mandalas" that two pedagogs in their school have worked with. The description can be found in the project wikispaces. Each school will come with 10 ideas by the end of January 2017. The book will be published as an Open Educational Resource and it will be launched at a Multiplier Evenet in Iceland in March 2017.

It was really heart-warming to experience, how committed all staff and pupils in ICToscanini-schools are to our common Erasmus+ project! We will return to our schools inspired by your examples. Please see the more of the visit in this website under "videos"!  

Taste of Italy

The teachers, parents and pupils had prepared delicious cakes and food for us.

One evening the staff in all schools had arranged a night with traditional Italian folk songs and lots of local specialities for us to taste.

March 2016

Even the youngest students were prepared to meet us with songs, presents and greetings. Here are the pupils in Casorate Kindergarden.

The children in Arsago Kindergarden were also curious and asked us questions.

During three days we visited all schools under ICToscanini. Everywhere we met happy children and young people. These four pupils in Casorate Secondary School guided us around the school.

Pupils in Besnate Primary School showed us their choreography to the song "Under the Same Sun". We were very impressed!

Pupils in Arsago Primary School welcomed us by flags, songs and speeches. We also learnt about the tradition of Paleo.

Finally in Italy!

March 15-20, 2016

ICToscanini hosted  our second TPM. The meetings were held at the Casorate Secondary School.


The Mayors of the three municipalities welcomed us all. They are supporting our project by funding two extra students to take part in the Learning Activities in Denmark and in Germany.

The  eight schools under ICToscanini are situated in the municipality of Besnate, Casorate Sempione and Arsago.

Italy getting ready for the meeting

March 2016

The eight schools of ICToscanini are getting ready to receive teachers to the Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) in 16th - 20th March. The program consists of visits at the eight schools in Casorate Sempione, Besnate and Arsago S and a speech by Professor Conconi about the local history and folklore.  Some of the major planning points during the project meetings are the Learning Activity in Denmark in April  and the Headmaster´s meeting in Wales in October this year.

Winter Wonderland in Akureyri

February 2016




Pupils in Brekkuskóli in Iceland made a trip up to the mountaisn to enjoy the possibilities and pleasures of winter and snow.

Besides the more traditional winter activities like skiing and sledge rides, there was also a possibility to jump on jump bags and play in the snow. A lot of fun!


February 2016

PUPILS IN BLÛCHERSCHULE IN GERMANY  have visited The  Black Theater called "Velvet" in Wiesbaden. They saw a play called "The Little Prince". They were also able to meet the "actors" ; the puppets and their masters.

It was an amazing experience!


Black Light Theater originates from Asia but has become very popular in Prague. The things that make this kind of theater very special,  is the use of black curtains, a darkened stage, and "black lighting". Human eye has difficult to see black objects from a black background and this results in effective invisibility for any objects not illuminated by the "black light".


PUPILS IN BREKKUSKÓLI in Iceland have visited a museum where they went through a maze made all kinds of plasctic items. 

Teaching Peers and Learning about Europe

February 2016

2nd graders and 8th graders in Brekkuskóli have told about Learn, Create and Communicate project to their peers. 7th graders have been studying about the LCC-partner countries.

Icelandic Toy Story

February 2016

Pupils in Iceland have built home-made toys in all shapes, colours and sizes. It´s quite much funnier to play with a toy that is designed and made by yourself!

Under the Same Sun

CEIP Tomas Ybarra in Seville has celebrated the "Peace Day" with the whole school. Groups of pupils have taught each other their choreography for the song "Under the Same Sun". Finally the dance will be filmed and shared with partner schools. In return, all other partner schools will send their "moves" to Spain. It will be exciting to compare the interpretations of the song. Here´s a link to the original song:


February 2016


Brekkuskóli in Akureyri has chosen a group of students to stand in front of all the Learn, Create and Communicate -activities in their school. Helga gave a presentation about the project to the Eurobuddies and the Eurobuddies will each give a presentation of the project in their class.

Diploma for a Christmas Film

January 15th, 2016

One of the Christmas films that we made for our Erasmus+ project won a "Best Film of the Week" competition arranged by Editorial Office Educas. Camilla from Educas gave the diploma to AnimationTeam, here represented by Victor and Frederik from 6a. The prize was tickets to the cinema for the whole team.

Erasmus+ Wall

January 15th, 2016

Due to the good examples of our partner schools, we here at Nordre Skole in Denmark have also started a "Erasmus+ Wall"- display. The wall will be developed over the time. At the moment it contains information about the countries, schools and some photos of the Eurobuddy-teams in LCC-schools.


Result of the vote

January 2016

Happy New Year 2016 to all!

We can start the new year by reveiling the results of our voting for  the best song to which all school will make their own dance coreaography. The winner is "Under the Same Sun" by Jennifer Lopez and Alvaro Solel.

It wll be exciting to see all the different moves to this piece of music by the Learning Activity in Denmark in April 2016!

We go to the Movies

An important part of our project is to get to know your own culture. Christmas is a very important part of the culture in many countries - and it is especially important for many Danes!

December 8th, 2015

Normally there are produced several Christmas TV-shows and films,  both for adults and for children. Many of the shows have 24 episodes, 1 for each day until Christmas Eve.

What makes "Emma and Father Christmas" extra special, is that it is filmed in Viborg. We can see  Emma, father Christmas, his wife and child together with the Elves and the Elf Queen in many famous buildings and places in and around Viborg.

We go to the Museum

Nordre Skoles 4th grades have been studying about the Middle Ages in history lessons. In connection to the theme, we went to visit the local museum where we learnt about the life in Viborg in the AD 1150-1500.

December 10th, 2015

We learnt that the Cathedral and the market place made Viborg to  an important town in the Middle Ages - and the Army Road that could transport people and goods.


After the presentation the pupils were devided into 4 groups and they made history alive though small plays that took place in a Grocery Shop, at the Blacksmith´s, at a Cobbler´s and in an Inn (kind of a pub). It was a great learning experience!

The Joy of Receiving

It has been a great experience for the children to receive Christmas Greetings from their peers in project partner schools. Here are pupils from Spain opening the Christmas parcel from Denmark.


The LCC-partner schools have displayed the ornaments and DIY-instructions for pupils and teachers to admire and get inspired.

Above you can see the display in the library of Nordre Skole in Denmark.


Ysgol Morfa Rhianedd in Llandudno in Wales has made a Christmas wall.

Erasmus+ Display in Wales

December 2015

Our partner school in Wales, Ysgol Morfa Rhianedd, has also started to build up an Erasmus+ wall. The colourfull wall gives information about the project and partner countries + schools. The work with the display is ongoing throughout the project.

Here are some examples of the Christmas ornaments, decorations and cards made by the students in Ysgol Morfa Rhianedd.

We hope that the pupils on partner schools get inspired and perhaps try to make similar decorations themselves.

Erasmus+ Parents´Meeting in CEIP-Tomas Ybarra

Our partnerschool in Tomares in Spain has arranged a parents´meeting to inform about the Erasmus+ partnership.

Getting the parents and the local community involved in the project is very important.

IC Toscanini in Italy is ready to send the Christmas ornaments and letters... exciting!

From Denmark to all of you with love.

Parcels from Germany, Italy and Iceland have already arrived to Denmark...

Children in Brekkuskóli are working with the ornaments and Christmas cards.

It´s nice to know that the work willl be received and appreciated by children in Europe.

The Christmas letters are ready to be posted.

Spanish Christmas Ornaments

November 2015

The pupils in CEIP Tomas Ybarra have been working with the Christmas ornaments.


The work demands a lot of concentration... But the result is just awesome!

We look forward to see the results in all partner schools!

Decorating for Christmas

Decorations and ornaments are very important part of Danish Christmas traditions. All classes make paper cuttings and origamis to decorate the school.


Moms from Nordre Skole´s Parents´Association  make Candle Advent Decorations for sale in the annual Christmas Market.  The funds collected support the pupils´ school trips.

The decorations usually have 4 candles, one for each advent Sunday to light up and count days to Christmas Eve.

Getting to know the countries

November 2015

3rd grade in Brekkuskoli in Iceland has been learning about the LCC partner countries. They rhave ead books and talked about the geography of the countries. They drew maps and added some information of each country . It was a lot of fun!



The Spanish Erasmus+ wall

November 2015

Teachers in CEIP Tomas Ybarra in Tomares have been working hard to produce a map of Europe where they have placed all our LCC-partner countries.  They have also cut out small flags for each country as well as given each country a certain colour. The different colours will make the map easier to read for smaller children as the colours can be used as indicators.

The result is a real eye-catcher!



Christmas cards...

You can find a link here on this website for Woven Danish Christmas Hearts.

Lots of Christmas cards  and woven Christmas Hearst from Denmark are soon on their way to  all partner countries. Here the cards are made by the girls in 5th and 6th classes.

Christmas gifts

How about origami boxes fo Christmas? Third class in Nordre Skole will do these for small Christmas gifts.

Erasmus+ Project displays

The schools are making displays so the visitors, pupils ans staff can get informed about our project. Here you can see a colourful display from IC Toscanini in Italy. 

Brekkuskoli in Iceland has made a wall to present two international projects: Erasmus+ "Learn Create and Communicate" with six different countries and Nordplus project with 3 countries where they work with e-learning.

Christmas Traditions

November - December 2015

Pupils in all schools are making Christmas cards for their peers in Learn Create and Communicate-partnerschools. It will be exciting to get the letters containing cards- let´s hope that they will arrive on time...

All schools will also send examples of ornaments that are typical for their country. The pupils in partnerschools will perhaps try to make the ornaments. Can you guess where this ornament might come from?

Logo for "Learn, Create and Communicate"

November 2015

Hafdís from Brekkuskóli in Iceland designed our project logo. The teachers from Iceland presented the first version of the logo in the Transnational Project Meeting in Blücherschule in October. The Erasmus+ Team suggested some alterations and Hafdís decided to make the logo on a computer. We are very happy about the result. Well done, Hafdís!

We will use our "Learn, Create and Communicate"- logo in all our written project activities, alongside with the Erasmus+ logo.

Guided Drawing: "Giraffes"

November 2015

Sometimes pupils lack confidence when drawing: "I can´t draw" - or "I can only draw a balloon". We wantedto give all pupils in 3rd grade at Nordre Skole a possibility to feel success in art and did some guided drawing. All pupils are proud of their colourful giraffes.


Erasmus+ displays

November 2015

In Besnate Primary School - one of the schools belonging to IC Toscanini- they have made an Erasmus+ display. The posters and flags look very beautiful on the window and they will certainly draw attention of the pupils, staff and visitors of the school.


Nordre Skoles displays

At Nordre Skole there are also several Erasmus+ displays at the school. This is in front of the library. The pupils are excited to investigate, what the pupils in partner countries have thought that was "typical Danish" and what eg. the Welsh people meant that was typical in their country.

First TPM at Blücherschule

October 5th-10th, 2015

Finally the time for our first National Project Meeting arrived!  Eleven teachers from five partner schools arrived to the host school in Wiesbaden and for three days they defined the roles and responsibilities, shared and evaluated the work done and planned the future activities.

A reporter from Wiesbaderen Kurier came to interview us about the project.

All over Blücherschule, the pupils had prepared signs to welcome the guests.

They had drawn the national flags, collected items to display some typical elements of the countries and placed the countries in the map of Europe.

The pupils were also eager to get in contact with the guests. Everywhere in the corridors we were met with "Hello!" and "What´s your name?". The pupils were eager to test their language skills.


Pupils were excited to welcome the guests to visit their classes. The guests sang songs typical in their countries and the pupils had prepared many questions to ask from the guests.

Here are Luca and Lorena from Italy and Carolina and Carmela from Spain with a bunch of happy pupils. They have just learnt a song with lots of animal-names both in Spanish and in Italian.

During the project meeting the teachers learnt about etwinning and how to do evaluation using google evaluation forms.

We also shared posters about the conceptions that our pupils have made about their own countries and the partner countries. At home all schools will make displays of the posters.


Paul from Wales presenting "typical Welsh".

Tommy from Denmark presenting "typical Spanish".

There was arranged a morning assembly where the pupils sang songs to welcome us.

The pupils in Blúcherschule had made colourful posters of the partner countries, They were displayed in the corridors.

The visitors were very inspired of everything they saw and got many good ideas to bring along to their schools at home.