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For Christmas 2017, all partner schools are doing "Good Deeds" in different ways. 

In Denmark we have produced small animation films about the Good Deeds. Find the links here.


We will produce our common birthday calendar. Each school will produce 4 photos/pictures for 2 months and one for the back page. During learning Activity in Germany, the pupils voted for the best cover for the calendar. The winner was a picture made by Mille B and Juliane in 6a at Nordre Skole, Denmark.

At Nordre Skole we gave small prizes for the pupils whose pictures got most votes.


Pupils produce art work and films under title "From My Window". The work can be a painting showing a view from your physical window, but it could also be something that you see from your point of view. Something that is typical in your country, region or neighbourhood. Or something about your life, how it looks out from your window.


Pupils in all schools will visit companies that have creativity as an important part of their business.

Here´s a video the Eurobuddies in Ysgol Morfa Rhianedd visiting a Welsh Slate Museum and learning about slate crafts.

5th grades in Denmark visited Moesgaard Museum. We think that working in the museum is very creative work as you contantly have to make different kind of exhibitions and think of different ways how to present things for the audience, eg. school classes.


All schools will collect ideas of how to teach different skills. These ideas will be collected to a booklet and a web publication. You can find some of the ideas here on the website.

English Day in Denmark in November 2016.

Pupils in 4th and 5th grade had an English Day at Nordre Skole. This was to boost their oral and written English language skills and get the pupils moving while learning.

Roundball Day at Nordre School in Denmark

Our school is divided in sections. As the names don´t translate easily into English, they are called in Danish "indskoling" (grades 0-3), "mellemtrinnet" (grades 4-6) and "udskoling" (grades 7-9). For some years now, we have arranged a "Roundball Tournament" for classes 4-6, where we spend the whole day together doing sports, normally related to baseball. This day has two social purposes: to welcome the new 4th graders into "mellemtrinnet" and to have a good start of the school year. August 2016 after a workout, we spent the day playing "Finnish Roundball" that activates all players.

Outdoor Learning in Wales

During our Transnational Project -and Headteachers´meeting in Ysgol Morfa Rhianned in Llandudno in Wales, we had the opportunity to spend a day with hands-on-ideas for Outdoor Learning. Our guide was Jim from Nature´s Work. Watch the video to get ideas for some history/literacy/science activities out of the classroom.


During the school year 2016-17, one of the focus points is to invite guest teachers to schools. We will add photos and videos of the visits here throughout the year.

April 2017 Amanda from Animation Workshop in Viborg worked with 3a+b at Nordre Skole in Denmark. The theme was Game Developing. The pupils started with an idea for a game, developed the idea and made the game in groups of three. Another group tired the prototype and suggested changes. After that the team worked with the changes and the game was tested again. The pupils were very enthusiastic in their work.

April 2017

The 1st and 2nd class in Ysgol Morfa Rhianedd in Wales had a day with a local artist where they learnt about art and environment.


Nordre Skole hosted a Learning Activity for 23 pupils and 10 teachers from all partner countries in April. The theme of the LA was "COLLABORATION" - between nations, languages, ages and different institutions in Viborg. All sections at school arranged activities for one day. On Tuesday we invited Nature School, VIA - Pedagogy College students and an instructor from Animation Workshop to come and teach our students and the visitors. The cook-students in our local Mercantec-college cooked our meal for the last evening with the host families. Here are some films of the different days - enjoy!


Welcome to Viborg in Denmark!

The pupils in classes 5 and 6 In Nordre Skole in Denmark have made films about Viborg.

Film Workshop with Martin Spenner

Martin from instructed 67 students during LA in Denmark in making films. The pupils worked in 13 groups and these things were decided beforehand: the 3 genres were horror-film, silent film and a commercial. The films should be maximum of 1 minute and somewhere in the film there should appear the line "Under the Same Sun". Here are the results:


CEIP Toma Ybarra in Spain chose two songs with their students that all the other schools should vote for. The winner song became "Under the Same Sun" and the task was for all school to make their own choreography to the song. These "moves" were filmed and shared. They were also presented by the groups of students taking part in the Learning Activity in Denmark in April 2016.



Learn Create and Communicate-song that Denmark made as a project song.



In March 2016 two teachers from each school had a meeting in Casorate Sempione to evaluate the activities and plan forward. We visited all 8 schools that make part of ICToscanini. We have collated a film of the wonderful days in Italy - enjoy!



Each partner school have formed a special students´ Erasmus+ committees, Eurobuddies. The children will be planning and presenting the project results within their school and act as hosts when school recievs visitors from other schools.

Upper row from left: Eurobuddies from Denmark, Italy and Germany

Row down from left: Eurobuddies from Spain,  Wales and Iceland



All schools have made Erasmus+ displays. The work will continue throughout the project.


Partner schools have sent each other some musical Christmas Greetings. Find more films under "Videos".



Pupils in mixed groups in classes 4-6 have been working with Christmas films. The idea was to produce a film about Danish Christmas traditions. The pupils soon let their creativity fly and here are the results of their work. Enjoy!



Pupils exchange ornaments typical for their countries and write Christmas cards to one another with Christmas wishes in several languages. This activity is to to share the cultural traditions and get inspired, for example: The stars on the left were made in Spain - and on the right in Denmark.

All schools have also sent musical Christmas greetings to each other. You can find some of them on this website under "Films".


We drew maps and flags of our countries, marked our city/town and took photo of our school. The aim was to help our partner schools to make displays of the project at the schools.



We exchanged posters /boxes of conceptual things about our partner countries; What is typical for Italy/Wales/Denmark/Iceland/Germany/Spain? What is typical for our own country? We look at the displays at schools, make comparisons and widen our horizons.