Creative Teaching Ideas

Under this headline we will collect teaching ideas that enhance creativity in various ways. We hope that these examples could inspire you and you are welcome to use any of the ideas in your teaching.


The children in Brekkusköli in Iceland arranged an exhibition of their artworks.

Die Kunst-Koffer

Artist Titus Grab visited our project meeting at Blücherschule to tell about his work. For about 10 years ago he has started a project called "Die Kunst-Koffer" (The Art Trunk or the Art Suitcase). The idea is to let children come to a certain point in the town where he - or some other person from his team - park their little rickshaw that is filled with simple things like rocks, shells, paper, painting and clay. The things are set out and the children can use them the way they wish. There are no rules or demands but one thing is sure- come rain, come shine and the Kunst-Koffer is there when agreed! The idea has now spread into many cities in Germany. Titus Grab is very passionate about his job and told that every time he felt happiness in his heart when watching children working with the art.