Mine Craft-figures by 3rd graders in Brekkuskóli, Iceland

Go fish! Fabulus Fish necklaces by 4th grade in Brekkuskóli in Iceland

Working with perspective: Round Tower in Copenhagen by 5th grade in DK

Special needs pupils in Denmark working with cheese wax figures

Examples 7th-8th graders´ Compulsory Project Work in Denmark

Bugs - lino cuts and drawings by 4th graders in Denmark

Paintings by 5th grade in Iceland inspired by Paul Klee

Kites by 2nd graders in Germany

Ideas for useful class decoration: Birthday calender portraits and History Timeline in 4th grade in Denmark

Train race by 3rd graders in Iceland

Masks by pupils in 4th grade in Denmark

Papier Maché Heads by pupils in Blücherschule in Germany

Under the Same Sun - Decorations from Spain

Jambo! Pictures inspired by Tinga Tinga Tales from Africa

Inspired by Basquiat in Brekkuskóli, Iceland

Paper Ball Art by 3c, CEIP Tomas Ybarra Spain

Robots by Brekkuskóli, Iceland

My Monster by ICToscanini, Italy

My Colourful World by ICToscanini, Italy

ZOO at Nordre Skole´s SFO, Denmark

Salvadore Dali´s Moustache by 4b Nordre Skole, Denmark

Nature Art by pupils in LADenmark, April 2016

Doodle by 3rd grades, Nordre Skole, Denmark

Snirkelkrukker - Crazy Coil Pots by 2nd grades, Nordre Skole Denmark

Giraffes by 3rd grades, Nordre Skole, Denmark

Emil-boys by 4th grades, Nordre Skole, Denmark

Home-made toys by Brekkuskóli, Iceland

Inspiring Christmas crafts