Erasmus+ School Partnership LEARN CREATE AND COMMUNICATE 2015-18

Focus on Creativity

Six schools in six European countries have joined their forces  to "Learn, Create and Communicate" for three years.

The common theme for all three years is  creativity in learning and teaching. Our project aims not only to develop the skills of the pupils but also the skills of the teachers.

  • The first year we  will focus on learning about cultures and learning to cooperate. Pupils will look at the culture of their own country and then make conceptions and comparisons of the cultures in the partner countries.
  • The second year we will focus on creativity and art. We will create contacts with the local artists, art schools and creative companies and look at how creative thoughts can be fostered and used. The teachers will have focus on teaching skills in creative ways like using animated learning, movement, music and ICT.
  • The third year we will focus on communication. The planned activities will challenge the pupils to find creative ways to communicate. The teachers will exchange materials for teaching languages.

The pupils, teachers and headteachers will also be able to meet and work together. In course of the project there will be held;

  • Six  Transnational Project Meetings for the teachers to exchange ideas, evaluate the progress of the project and plan forward.
  • One Headteachers´meeting where they are invited to discuss common issues and follow the progress of the project.
  • Three Learning Activities for the pupils where they are invited to work together with activities like cooperational games, animation in learning, language learning and art.
  • A Multiplier Event in Iceland, where we will launch our Open Educational Resource/book "Inspiring Ideas to Teach Skills". Each school will send one teacher to take part in this conference and the host school in Iceland will invite 40 Icelandic teachers to take part

You will be able to follow the progress of our project through this website.