Christmas traditions - films for LA in Italy April 2018

Animation films by 5b in Denmark January 2017

Silk Clay Animation films by 4a+b in Denmark, January 2017

Do it Yourself-instruction videos by 5a at Nordre Skole in Denmark, December 2016

Xmas Greetings 2016

Mannequin Challenge!

Blücherschule is also a school of music

In Headmasters´ Meeting in Wales each school told about things that they are proud of. Blücherschule is very proud of being able to teach children in music. The school has it´s own band and there is even a teachers´school band. In the video the school band is performing.

Animated Learning meets LCC

Teachers and pupils at Nordre School in Denmark are working to  learn to use animation/film as part of learning. 

The 3rd graders took part in the Animation Festival-competition in September 2016. The theme was "THE BEST NEWS IN THE WORLD". Here are links to some of the films.

Here you can see links to films made by 2nd graders in school year 2015/16. The theme is RECYCLING.

Christmas Greetings

Cultural videos